Sports betting platform

SBB sportsbetting platform is a standalone solution that can be natively integrated with our other platforms (Casino, Games, Virtual Sports, etc.).

We are open to integrate our Sports platform to any other third party solution.

We are a billion-dollar-a-year business with 10 years of proven experience.

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SBB Sportsbook Solution is the Betradar gold certified and recommended cross-channel betting software supplier, integrated to the Unified Odds Feed (UOF).

SBB Sportsbook is a rock solid solution with dedicated teams of experts to insure the rapid operations:

  • Unlimited scalability
  • Intelligent cloud infrastructure
  • Robust and high availability
  • High performance
  • Low bandwidth usage
  • Private cloud powered by IBM

Peak performance when IT matters most:

  • 15.000+ bets per second
  • 400.000+ prematch events per year
  • 400+ Mio market updates per month
  • 300+ simultaneous live matches
  • 2.000+ markets
  • 40.000+ monthly live events
  • Intuitive
  • Top market
  • Advanced
  • Bonus
  • Offers
  • Risk management
    & notification system

Live Betting

SBB Sportsbook is a complete solution that offers the market over 40.000 live events every month.

Our sports include football, basketball, American football, tennis, baseball, handball, ice hockey, volleyball, futsal, beach volleyball, badminton, cricket, rugby league, rugby union, darts, snooker, and much more.

Operators can integrate the leading suppliers of odds data feed to create their unique portfolio of live events.

White label

SBB Sportsbook solution is available as a White Label

We provide our customers with licensing, accounting, management, technology support, and innovative products

The SBB White Label solution is the perfect choice for operators who wants to focus on marketing and be able to rely on a proven set-up with fast market entry.

Get the tools, services and key features necessary to kick off a successful business in the betting industry.

Our technology can be easily integrated with existing platforms, and operators uphold total autonomy over their betting sites.
  • Build your own responsive website or native mobile app
  • Promote high-margin betting opportunities
  • Customize your own betting widgets or coupons
  • Simplify complex bet placements with unique UI
  • Integrates with existing platforms

Theme wizard

Controlling the front-end user experience without having any restrictions imposed by the platform provider is an essential aspect for any ambitious operator. Go fully creative with a unique customised website based on our powerful Web APIs or use our proven template solutions for quick delivery. The choice is yours, and we are here to help you implement your ideas.

Peak performance when time matters most:

1 week

Go live with your fully manages sportsbook within a week.
Select one of our compelling templates, brand it using our Theme Wizard, go live.

1 month

Desing your unique sportsbook.
Create your exclusive, fully customized platform.

1 quarter

Migrate from legacy to advanced platform. Focus on running your business while we seamlessly migrate your platform.
Keep your familiar design for a hassle free transition for your customers. Gain sustainable competitive advantages to put ahead of the competition.

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A real omni channel platform needs a deep knowhow coming from both world, online and retail.

With our platform, you will have the omni channel solutions available giving power to your players.

Players don’t care about logistics, they care about being able to play whenever, wherever, and however they want and if your company can’t give them that ability, they’ll find another one that will.

A clever and effective Omni channel platform is able to track the player on all channels, to provide the operator cross-channel data analysis tools to improve his retention strategies and cross-channel services.

Business Tools

Back-office Full-featured back office and in-depth reporting

  • Customize margins, from sports down to market level
  • Stay in control, set liability and stake limits from sports to market level
  • Customize risk settings per user
  • Powerful business intelligence, detailed KPIs reporting (profit and loss, betting analysis, top winners/losers, betting transactions)
  • Monitor business and see in real-time incoming bets with all bet attributes available at a glance
  • Monitor back-office users, audit back-office setting changes, risk limits, odds, margins, settlements, and much more


We work with leading payment solution providers. Our payment gateways offer a safe and trusted tool while at the same time allow all the player’s payments transactions be processed easily for both the user & licensee. The SBB platform is ready to integrate any type of payment method either directly or through specialized payment agencies.

Risk & anti-fraud

An advanced system that makes anti-fraud management simple, flexible and effective:

  • Risk analysis - real-time insight into trading
  • Risk management - automation with 200+ configurable limits
  • Audit trail logs - detailed monitoring of every action


We can help you to design and kick off a new gaming and betting business in Africa. It is obvious that Africa is a new emerging destination in betting. Hence, with this understanding, our goal is to deliver the best solutions to our clients in this region. Thanks to the years of collaborations with our partners in Africa, we were able to develop a comprehensive intelligence of all the possible needs and requirements our clients might have. As a result, we have designed solutions specifically targeted for African markets.

Single player account

  • Cash desk
  • Terminal
  • Desktop
  • Mobile agent
  • Store
  • Smartphone

Agent management

  • Real-time reporting
    and statistics
  • Multi-level
    affiliate system
  • Configurable agent
    revenue share
  • Tools for easy cash management
    in restrictive markets
  • Hierarchical franchise/
    /agent system